The CDR is a major architectural component which integrates clinical, research, and administrative data generated across the patient journey.  Where a Data Warehouse is optimized for analyzing and reporting on data, a Clinical Data Repository is primarily designed to support end users in real time.

To achieve a 360 degree view of information, we have identified the following key objectives:

  • Data accessibility – clinicians will be able to easily access patient data in the CDR via customized applications or through portals
  • Patient centric record structure – the CDR will track patient interactions from all touchpoints across the continuum of care allowing clinicians to collaborate and share information
  • Real-time access – the most current patient data is transmitted real-time over standard interfaces from existing clinical systems
  • Collect, analyze, measure and report on outcomes, experience, methods and attributes as they relate to the patient from disparate information sources
  • Enabling smart alerts that compare and analyze data and notify care givers of possible critical events
  • Implementing a robust, scalable and reusable platform allowing secure and seamless information exchange
  • Developing the infrastructure and services to support secure and standards based sharing

Utilize a Clinical Data Repository to centralize and standardize data for your key systems.

  • Standardize your data to a canonical model
  • Deploy standards based interfaces for clinical data
  • Normalize data and terminology variations